From the other side....

I never dreamed of establishing an art business, but that's mostly because I have no artistic abilities whatsoever.  Full credit for all of the pretty, artsy stuff you see online, and when you visit us at the markets, goes to my very talented wife Noelene.  Most of what else you see, and mostly what you don't (the background stuff behind the scenes) is where I come in.  We're opposites in many things, this just being one.  As individuals, I don't think this business would ever have materialised.  But like everything else in life, we've brought this together by relying on each others strengths (and joking about each others weaknesses along the way - Of which Noelene provides plenty of material for me!).

When our now 9 month old daughter was born, we were intending on Noelene taking 12 months off work.  During this time, an idea emerged, and we've been working hard ever since to see it come to life.  Noelene was busy drawing and painting and, with each newly created piece came renewed confidence in her outstanding abilities to transform an idea onto paper.  Her talent at times still amazes me, and it's been great to see her realise the possibilities and have the opportunity to do something she loves.

I'm her biggest fan and her biggest critic (which of course leads to many interesting and entertaining discussions).  I'm proud of her and grateful to be working alongside her to see where this journey take us.

Thanks for taking the time to read.  We hope you enjoy what we've created.