Getting Started.. and facing your fears

To be fair, Michael has certainly had his work cut out for him. He planted the seed some time ago about starting a business related to my artwork. We had to think it and talk it through for quite some time before it got to a workable and realistic idea. Initially, the idea was to paint with acrylic on canvas, but as enjoyable as that is, its also time consuming - and a growing baby certainly doesn't create extra time in the day!! Once Charlotte was born, and the idea of painting was becoming a pleasant distant memory, ink became a much easier medium to turn too. Easy to pick up and put away, the lightbulb moment came when I bought a set of Prismacolor watercolour pencils. I was drawing late one night - I drew a peacock butterfly on watercolour paper and added the colour in with the dry pencils. In the morning, itching to see what the watercolour side of things was all about, I added water to the picture - and it was just magic. The colours were incredible, really beautiful strong pigments, and the picture just came alive. I had found the medium that we could build a business idea on.

That was the technical side sorted, but then I had to work on the self doubt side of things... As much as I love painting and drawing, its always been just a hobby. Michael had been trying to convince me for such a long time, but I always pushed it aside like the thought was ridiculous. But I had a chance, being on maternity leave, to create, and I wasn't going to get another opportunity like this. So the idea had to become a reality - it was now or never!  To build my own confidence in my abilities I decided I had to look around at other people creating small businesses. There are so many people giving it a go, in all sorts of fields - just trying and, in a majority of cases, succeeding at all different levels. It reached a point once the artwork and ideas started flowing that I started actually getting annoyed at the self doubt and starting to push it aside, simply because if other people were setting their businesses into motion - why was I letting my fears stop us from doing the same?? Not only that, I had a willing partner in the business, who wanted to take on the challenge of making it happen, building the website and researching the nitty gritty of printing, packing, shipping etc. Enough was enough - it was time to truly start building the business.

That was 3 months ago, and since then its been a lot of hard work (no really... A LOT OF HARD WORK!) to bring us to the point we are at today. But we're excited and ready to go!