The First Few Weeks..

Well we've been up and running now for three weeks! Its been really exciting and we've also had so much support from family and friends that was something we weren't expecting at all - its been wonderful. 

Once the website was ready and we could open it up to traffic, i totally panicked! You always put a lot of yourself into your art, and all of a sudden opening it up to public scrutiny and criticism made me feel really vulnerable. But then i realised that there are going to be people who just love it, and other people who are completely indifferent to it, and that's just how it is. 

Michael and i did a lot of talking in the lead up to launching the business, about our expectations and what we thought the reality would be in terms of sales. We figured that this year would be doing markets, getting our name out there, approaching stores about stocking our work, and in reality not a huge amount of sales. But we have made a few! (i admit, our first sale right after we opened the website made me cry!) So we are slowly starting to move in the right direction..

Our first stall at the Kensington Market was a lot of fun. I was so nervous in the morning i managed to make our daughter grizzly and unsettled until i relaxed and got back into customer service mode (its been a long time!!) - but it was so enjoyable talking to people and getting feedback and seeing their reactions to the artworks. Children's reactions were the best, watching their eyes light up as they walked past the stall and a picture caught their attention. 

We have also been approached about being artisan partners in a creative hub/store that is opening in Collingwood in about a months time! It just blew us away - this opportunity just came to us, so we feel very lucky. But i have a feeling its going to be worth its own blog post, so i wont say too much yet....!



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