Growth Chart - Australian Hills

Growth Chart - Australian Hills


This image is actually the central section of the artwork for our Australian Native Growth Chart. The full colourful artwork depicts platypus in the water, wombats, an echidna, emus and kangaroos on land, koalas, a possum and kookaburras in the tree.

This middle section is the land part, and it keeps the rolling hills that tie in with the waves of the creek and the clouds. The artwork is bright, cute, cheerful and colourful to really show off our amazing and unique native wildlife, and a lovely piece to give to relatives and friends overseas!


Original Medium

Ink, Watercolour pencils and gouache on 360GSM Acrylic paper – original on A3 sized paper.


After much searching for a suitable material we found a textured fabric that we are very happy with. It can be re-positioned over and over again and retains its adhesion. It doesn’t damage the wall or paint underneath, so if you’re moving house you can remove it and stick it onto its original backing to place it in a new spot. It will stick to almost all surfaces except untreated brick.

The size of the chart in metric is 105 x 36cm.  The growth chart itself measures in 10cm increments from 65cm to 170cm in height


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