Bath Time

Bath Time

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A lovely warm bubble bath for Harriet while she reads about Arctic Animals. A huge polar bear plays happily with the bubbles floating in the air, a Walrus watches as Georgie the dog has managed to get in the tub too. Young penguins slip and slide on the wet tiled floor under the watchful eye of the bigger penguin and a group of cheeky puffins has made themselves at home on the shelf.


Original Medium

Ink, Watercolour pencils and gouache on 360GSM Acrylic paper – original on A3 sized paper.



We've tried to keep our framing as simple as possible, so below are our options.  Please advise your colour preference in the comments section at checkout:

A4 -  Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A3 - Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A5 - We've kept this option extra simple - No framing options available

Frame Options:
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