Beautiful Blue Green Peacock Art Print

Beautiful Blue Green Peacock Art Print

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Peacocks are another reoccurring bird in my artwork – like flamingos they have a distinctive shape and colour, but with peacocks and their fantastic tail plumage you can really have fun and create all these different styles and shapes with them. IF you look at rainbow peacock, and peacock hearts – they’re all shaped and styled differently.

This peacock came about after I created Lucas the lion. I was searching for another animal that I could draw with the same blocked style as I used on his mane. I thought the peacock with its tail was the best choice but I didn’t really have an idea of how I was going to paint it. Once I started and the colour scheme was created it became more and more elaborate until it became the beautiful bird you see here.


Original Medium

Ink, Watercolour pencils and gouache on 360GSM Acrylic paper – original on A3 sized paper.



We've tried to keep our framing as simple as possible, so below are our options.  Please advise your colour preference in the comments section at checkout:

A4 -  Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A3 - Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A5 - We've kept this option extra simple - No framing options available


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