Compass Greeting Card

Compass Greeting Card


The Compass has many interpretations. Every culture has different interpretations of the different cardinal directions of the compass – For the Celts the directions symbolised the elements, the Chinese, different Zodiac Symbols and for the Romans the directions were the winds that blew across the Mediterranean. I chose to draw the tall ship on the compass because I am endlessly amazed that the seafarers on these ships relied solely on the instruments that they had to find their place in the oceans and make their way safely home. For me, a compass represents direction, finding your way in life, believing in your own abilities to guide you and self-reliance. 


Original Medium

Ink on 350GSM Cold Pressed, Medium Texture Watercolour paper – original on A3 sized paper.


All of our beautiful greeting cards are printed locally here in Melbourne, on heavy stock, and with a high gloss finish to bring out the colour and fun of our designs. All our cards are standard A6 size (105mm x 148mm / 4.1 x 5.8”), and our black and white series cards come with a natural (Recycled) envelope).

The inside of this card is blank for you to personalise and use for any occasion.


Also available as

A print (Framed or Unframed) in various sizes.

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