The Jewelled Sea Horse

The Jewelled Sea Horse

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Like a lot of young people, I grew up loving horses and taking any opportunity to ride them, read about them, draw them and dream about them. As an adult they’re probably one of my favourite art subjects and the fact that they’re really difficult animals to draw and paint makes them an animal I’m forever coming back to, to improve my skills! With this series of horse images, I could let my imagination take flight.

The idea for this half horse - half fish came when we were away in Fiji - I’d never snorkelled in a place filled with so much amazing sea life. I love the idea of half horse - half fish - you can google mythological Hippocampus -  they pop up in a lot in artwork, fountains (the Trevi fountain has a few) and lots of beautiful carousel horses follow this idea. I wanted my sea horse to be covered in jewels of the sea - pearls, colourful iridescent scales, beautiful sea shells and ribbons of seaweed. Mostly, however, I wanted him to convey the power that all horses have in movement, head down, muscles straining, and for this special animal, battling against the ocean waves.


Original Medium

Ink, Watercolour pencils, gouache and acrylic on 360GSM Acrylic paper – original on A3 sized paper



We've tried to keep our framing as simple as possible, so below are our options.  Please advise your colour preference in the comments section at checkout:

A4 -  Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A3 - Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A5 - We've kept this option extra simple - No framing options available.


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