An Octopus’ Garden (B&W)

An Octopus’ Garden (B&W)

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I’ve always loved drawing octopus, they’re the most fascinating and agile creatures. I had the idea of an octopus drawn in black ink, with all sea plants, shells and animals around it, that looked like it was carved, rising up off the page.

Ink work like this is always very time consuming, but I find it really enjoyable bringing the images out of the page and adding more and more detail. I’ve added a touch of black gouache to add a little bit of extra depth to the image.


Original Medium

Ink and gouache on 360GSM Acrylic paper – original on A3 sized paper.



We've tried to keep our framing as simple as possible, so below are our options.  Please advise your colour preference in the comments section at checkout:

A4 -  Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A3 - Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A5 - We've kept this option extra simple - No framing options available.


Also available as

A greeting card

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