Watch & Time

Watch & Time

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Time is fleeting - once it’s passed, it can’t be replaced. Time is the one thing that everyone on this planet has equally – no one is richer in time than anyone else. Take your chances, explore your possibilities in life, because once the time is gone, it won’t be coming back. The clock itself also represents framework and structure, life and death. The ticking of the clock is representative of the human heart beat. I chose a Fob Watch to represent time, because I’ve always loved them, and I always love watches where you can see the inner workings.   


Original medium

Ink on 350GSM Cold Pressed, Medium Texture Watercolour paper – original on A3 sized paper.



We've tried to keep our framing as simple as possible, so below are our options.  Please advise your colour preference in the comments section at checkout:

A4 -  Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A3 - Black, White or Wooden / Natural

A5 - We've kept this option extra simple - No framing options available.


Also available as

A greeting card

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